fate gear

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all female japanese steampunk metal
fate gear
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FATE GEAR are all-female Japanese steampunk heavy metal project formed in 2015 by the guitarist "Captain" Mina.

The music is considered as power metal with catchy melodies and features dramatic guitar and keyboard solos.

The concept of the band is "An airship adventure" and they wear steampunk style costumes.

"Captain" Mina, the songwriter and the guitarist of the band started listening to heavy metal music influenced by her father.

Her music is inspired by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

FATE GEAR performed as support act of Orden Ogan and Nocturnal Rites at Evoken fest 2018 in Japan.

The album "7 years ago" (2018) reached 10th position on Oricon’s indie chart.

FATE GEAR have a good reputation for their powerful live performance.