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Ondt Blod
Café Central Weinheim




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This quietly devastating critique, delivered to Therapy? frontman Andy Cairns by a workmate at a Michelin tyre factory in the late ‘80s, neatly encapsulates the sense of suspicion and confusion which enveloped the Northern Irish band at the outset of their career. Outsiders from day one, Therapy? have drawn upon the attendant feelings of alienation, frustration and dislocation for strength and inspiration across their remarkable 26 year career, crafting a dark, idiosyncratic worldview which has garnered the group a reputation as one of the most uncompromising, creative and individualistic bands of their generation. Disquiet, the band’s fourteenth studio album, extends this proud legacy, and finds the trio of Cairns, bassist Michael McKeegan and drummer Neil Cooper in incendiary form.